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Things To Expect During A High-Risk Pregnancy

Roswell OB/GYN  in Alpharetta, Ga, has offices in surrounding cities such as Canton, Cummings, and Sandy Springs, which is a practice that caters to women's health needs. We have a dedicated staff that's compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. If you're concerned about the risks of a high-risk pregnancy talk to a high-risk OB/GYN in Alpharetta, great resources by doctors can give you peace of mind and a plan of action. Knowledge is the key, so you should educate yourself. In this  Read more

Sexual Health for Every Stage of Life

Most of us know that good health, at any age, means maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough exercise. But how many of us think that much about our sexual health? But staying informed about your sexual and reproductive health is very important in our Alpharetta Gynecology location. The top-rated physicians of Roswell OB/GYN provide key sexual and reproductive health points for every stage of a woman's life. Familiarize yourself with each section, or, feel  Read more

Taking Early Action To Avoid A High Risk Pregnancy

Taking Early Action Can Help Reduce Risks Associated With A High-Risk Pregnancy Any OBGYN will tell you that no two pregnancies are exactly alike. Each pregnancy brings its complications for the mother and child. Some of these may be only mild, while other complications can be severe. If you've been deemed a high-risk pregnancy, then it's likely you're going to need to be more mindful than the average woman about what's going on with your body There are several factors that can put a soo  Read more

Breast Feeding Facts You May Not Know About

The choice to breastfeed helps strengthen the bond between mother and baby and results in many health benefits for both. Not only is breast milk packed with nutritional value for the baby, but breastfeeding also offers protection against health conditions for the mother. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breast milk exclusively for the first six months of life, continuing through the first year as other appropriate foods are introduced into the infant's diet. The World Health Organi  Read more

During COVID-19, Your Pregnancy Questions Answered

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact daily life, there are many questions about what this outbreak means during your pregnancy. At Roswell OB/GYN, our staff has quickly adapted to continue to help our pregnant patients with our skilled high-risk OBGYN in Alpharetta. Q: Is it safe to deliver at Roswell OB/GYN? Yes. We have implemented many cautionary steps to minimize any COVID-19 exposure. Moreover, we also require everyone in our facility to follow updated CDC guidelines and wea  Read more

My First Appointment: A Girl’s Guide To Visiting Her Gynecologist

Will My First Gyn Appointment Be Awkward Or Uncomfortable? Before going to your first appointment, most girls have many questions. Are gyn exams painful? What if you’re going to the gyn on your period?  Honestly, it’s completely normal to be nervous before your first gynecological exam.  Let us demystify the experience and reassure you that there is nothing to fear with our expert Alpharetta gynecology ObGyn's. We all know how essential it is to take care of our health.  Read more

Getting Pregnant With Letrozole

Are You Having Ovulation Difficulty? Many couples who have struggled to get pregnant often undergo testing to determine a reason. If your provider believes that you may be having ovulation difficulty, you could be a candidate for Letrozole. In the simplest terms, Letrozole induces ovulation. Letrozole is an oral fertility medication that is a helpful aid to induce an egg to develop and be released in women. It is used to induce ovulation in women who cannot ovulate or to help produce mult  Read more

10 Reasons You Should See Your Gyno

What are the common reasons gynecologists are seeing new patients? Most women have an idea of when to see a gynecologist to maintain and strive for good health, but it can be challenging to get over fears or misconceptions about going to your ob/gyn. Moreover, our Alpharetta gynecology specialist can treat and diagnose problems your general practitioner may not be trained to recognize.  In fact, most women prefer a well-women clinic—our care providers at Roswell Ob/Gyn understand a wo  Read more

7 Questions To Ask Your Gynecologist

Along with nervous anticipation of possible discomfort, the annual trip to the Alpharetta gynecology doctor's office is often met with anxiety. Is everything healthy and normal down there? Should I be concerned about cervical cancer? What’s the deal with this lingering bump? OMG—is it an STD? Speaking up about a strange smell, itchy bump, or a nonexistent libido is no doubt uncomfortable—but we cannot stress its importance enough to bring up during your first gyno appointment. Thou  Read more

Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of National Women’s Health Week

Stay active. Eat healthy. And get lots of sleep. Most importantly? You can start today! National Women's Health Week was created to encourage every woman to make healthy choices—and this year marks the 20th anniversary of the national event. National Women's Health Week, which begins each Mother's Day, is a reminder for all women and girls, especially during the current pandemic of COVID-19, to make health a priority and take the best care of themselves. It brings into focus the importance  Read more

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