To better serve you we offer the following

Online Medical History and Appointments – As an established patient,you have the convenience of making your own appointments 24 hours a day- 7 days a week- with no waiting.  After registration you will be able to make your own appointment with any of our clinicians at any of our four locations.  You can check scheduled appointments and reschedule appointments you have made online if necessary.  You will receive appointment reminders giving you plenty of notice in case something else should arise and you need to reschedule

For problems utilizing our secure site – call 770-544-3600


Theresa (Dr. Alex Eaccarino, Dr. Zane, Rachel, Dr. Patil) 770-544-2314
Wendy (Dr. Parker, Midwives, Ginnene) 770-751-3611
Debbie(Dr. Robbins, Dr. Nix) 770-544-2316
Kathy (Dr. Sugarman, Dr. Otto) 770-544-2419
Lisa L. (Dr. Delahanty, Megan Wandurraga) 770-751-3612
Kara (Dr. Hart, Dr. Mary Eaccarino) 770-544-2310


Susan (Dr. Delahanty, Dr. Alex Eaccarino, Dr. Mary Eaccarino, Dr. Robbins)770-544-2226
Terri (Dr. Parker , Dr. Patil, Dr. Sugarman, Dr. Zane) 770-544-2305
Ann (Dr. Otto , Dr. Nix, Dr. Hart) 770-255-2549