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STI Testing in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Canton and Cumming, GA

Privacy, respect, and compassion. Those are the tenets of our sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing services and STI treatment at Roswell Ob/Gyn, knowing how difficult it can be a challenging matter for anyone to confront.

We want you to feel safe and empowered when you come in for your STI panel test, regardless of your reasons. Whether you need to understand your symptoms or need a routine health check, you can trust our team will treat it with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Take strides in safeguarding your sexual health with our trusted team at Roswell Ob/Gyn.

Why Choose Roswell Ob/Gyn for Your STI Test and STI Treatment

Choosing a place to take your STI test isn’t a simple decision. If anything, it’s more personal than one might think, as the slightest mistreatment can erode your trust in the healthcare process.

By choosing Roswell Ob/Gyn, you can rest assured that we will avoid this at all costs. On top of safeguarding your trust and confidence, we ensure that at our clinics, you receive:

  • Comprehensive care at your convenience. Access a full spectrum of STI testing and treatment that are streamlined to cater to various needs. Whether for routine screening or comprehensive diagnostics, we deliver accurate and quick results to map out your care plan immediately.
  • Compassionate and competent staff at your service. We are known for our expertise and, notably, our compassion towards our patients. At our clinics, you can trust that you receive the best care for all the most important reasons.
  • Access STI tests and treatment at convenient locations. We believe in making healthcare accessible wherever and whenever you need it. That’s why we make sure that our STI testing and treatments, if necessary, are available in various locations, including Alpharetta, Atlanta, Canton, and Cumming. Enjoy a flexible and efficient process of scheduling your appointments at any of our locations.

Access, trust, and competence are how we ensure that your journey through navigating an STI guarantees your safety and health.

Our Process for Testing and STI Treatment at Our STI Testing Clinics

We prioritize providing a transparent, respectful, and comprehensive testing and treatment experience. Our STI clinics offer a variety of tests to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective management of STIs.

Here’s a detailed look at the different types of STI tests available at our clinics:

  • Routine screening tests. You achieve better health outcomes when you can detect diseases early. This is why we encourage and make routine screening tests accessible to you at our clinics. During these tests, we’ll check for various STIs, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV, so that we can map out a care plan in a timely manner.
  • Comprehensive STI panel test. Should you desire a more detailed assessment, our comprehensive STI panel tests are available to you. These are designed to detect multiple infections, including less common STIs like herpes types 1 and 2, hepatitis B and C, and other infections not typically covered in routine screenings.
  • Targeted diagnostic tests. Targeted diagnostic tests are crucial if you’re currently experiencing symptoms or have been notified of possible exposure to STIs. These tests aim to confirm the presence of infections so that we can subsequently discuss your treatment options.
  • Advanced molecular tests. These employ PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing for better accuracy and sensitivity to bacterial and viral infections. This testing method works best if you want fast, accurate results.

Demystifying your symptoms and experiences helps reduce or eliminate the anxiety surrounding STIs. Regardless of your test, we ensure transparent and open communication so you are informed and directly involved in strategizing your care plan.

Understanding Your Results: Next Steps After an STI Panel Test

Following a test, we’ll always communicate everything you need to know about your results. During these discussions, you’ll also be encouraged to collaborate with your OB-GYN to determine a course of treatment and other sexual health interventions.

  • Follow-up consultations. These are conducted after your results come out to discuss the next steps. If your results are negative, you’ll receive guidance on continuing health. If positive, we’ll collaborate with you regarding treatment options that suit your needs.
  • Mapping out your treatment course. STI treatment will then be tailored to your specific infection. We’ll recommend the exact antibiotics or antivirals to help you control symptoms and minimize transmission risks. We will ensure the best outcomes for you, providing support in every way possible.
  • Support and counseling. Getting diagnosed with an STI is a complex experience for anyone. It comes accompanied by emotional and psychological issues that affect your overall well-being. This is why we make it a point to offer counseling services to provide you with the needed support during these times.

More than anything, we want you to feel supported as you go through your recovery journey. From tailoring and adjusting treatments to your needs to providing emotional support, all of this plays a role in improving and maintaining your sexual health. We’ll walk with you each step of the way.

Ready to Take the Next Step? Visit a Roswell Ob/Gyn STI Testing Center

STI testing and treatment are pillars of maintaining your overall health and well-being. Take charge of your health in a caring and supportive environment. Contact our experts at Roswell Ob/Gyn and gain clarity and the assurance of discretion regarding our STI testing services.

We offer convenient, easy scheduling options to ensure your appointments fit your schedule and lifestyle. We also have various locations in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Canton, and Cumming, Georgia, allowing you to reach an expert conveniently.

FAQs About STI Clinics

Anyone sexually active can benefit from the services of an STI clinic, especially those who have had unprotected sex, multiple partners, or suspect they might have been exposed to an STI.
At our STI testing clinics, we typically accept walk-ins, but making an appointment is often recommended to reduce waiting times.
STI tests can be performed using urine samples, blood tests, swabs of the affected area, or physical examinations, depending on the suspected STI. The method of testing will be determined based on your symptoms and the STIs being tested for.
The cost of STI testing can vary depending on the clinic, the type of tests performed, and whether you have insurance. Some clinics offer free or low-cost testing, so it’s worth researching local services to find the most affordable options.
Yes, you can bring someone with you for support. However, due to privacy concerns, they may not be allowed in the testing room during the procedure.
The frequency of testing depends on various factors, including your sexual activity, the number of partners, and whether you engage in high-risk behaviors. It’s a good practice to get tested at least annually if you are sexually active, more frequently if you have multiple partners or engage in unprotected sex.
You should consider getting tested if you have symptoms of an STI, have had unprotected sex, are starting a new relationship, and both partners wish to be tested, or if you have multiple sexual partners. It’s also wise to get tested regularly—how often depends on your sexual habits and health recommendations from medical professionals.
Yes, both partners should often get tested simultaneously. This helps manage their health and make informed decisions regarding safe sexual practices. Testing together also helps prevent the reinfection cycle if only one partner is treated.
Payment options vary by clinic, but most STI clinics accept various payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and health insurance. Check with the clinic beforehand to grasp your options.

Strict adherence to healthcare privacy laws, including HIPAA in the United States, ensures confidentiality in STI testing. At Roswell Ob/Gyn, we adhere to these standards consistently.

We take measures to protect your personal information and test results. This includes securing your written records, protecting digital information with encryption and secure systems, and ensuring that discussions about your health are conducted privately. 

Additionally, the staff at our STI testing clinics are trained to handle sensitive information discreetly. You will also be informed about who can access your test results and under what circumstances they can be disclosed.

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