Roswell ObGyn Atlanta offers dependable women’s gynecologist and mammography services. Getting a mammogram is an essential step for your gyn care.

At the Atlanta Women’s Health Group, P.C. (AWHG) Breast Center — we specialize in mammogram and breast imaging. The AWHG Breast Center has state-of-the-art digital mammography services.

Early detection through regular mammography services is the key to diagnosing and beating breast cancer.

We Specialize in Mammography Services

We are here to provide the best mammogram and breast imaging services.

At the AWHG Breast Center, we have the fastest mammogram and breast imaging. Our digital mammography services allow our patients to have a minimized compression time on your breasts — resulting in a less stressful experience for you.

You’ll be in good care at our AWHG Breast Center. Our digital mammography services provide outstanding image quality that helps your doctor identify breast cancer at the earliest possible stage, using the lowest possible radiation dose.

We bring you dependable and thorough care. You can rely on our mammography services from our well-trained and reputable facility and staff.

What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is a low-dose x-ray that allows doctors called radiologists to look for changes in breast tissue. Our mammogram services are the surest way to check for breast cancer in women who have no signs or symptoms of the disease. It is recommended annually for women in their 40s or older.

Before your visit:

  • If you have visited other facilities for mammography services, please try to have the additional facilities send us your old pictures to be compared to the new ones. You can also bring a list of the places and dates of mammograms, biopsies, or other breast treatments.
  • Schedule your mammogram when your breasts are not tender or swollen to help reduce discomfort. For example, try to avoid the week before your period.
  • You will need to describe any medical history that could affect your breast cancer risk — such as surgery, hormone use, breast cancer in your family, or if you’ve had breast cancer in the past.
  • Be prepared to discuss any recent changes or problems in your breasts with our staff before your mammogram.
  • And lastly, before getting any mammogram and breast imaging test, tell our technologist if you’re breastfeeding or if you think you might be pregnant.

We want the best quality of mammogram and breast imaging for you.

Our digital mammography services provide a clearer, more accurate image of the breast than analog or film has in the past. Our highly sophisticated and integrated mammograms  offer shorter examination times, quicker results, and ultimately more comfort and convenience for you.

Our Mammography Services Are Fast and Reliable

Our AWHG Breast Center has the technology to send your mammogram and breast imaging results immediately. We help reduce mammogram callbacks and stress for you. Experience the best mammograms in Atlanta at our facility.

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