10 Reasons You Should See Your Gyno


What are the common reasons gynecologists are seeing new patients?

Most women have an idea of when to see a gynecologist to maintain and strive for good health, but it can be challenging to get over fears or misconceptions about going to your ob/gyn. Moreover, our Alpharetta gynecology specialist can treat and diagnose problems your general practitioner may not be trained to recognize. 

In fact, most women prefer a well-women clinic—our care providers at Roswell Ob/Gyn understand a woman’s health. Our top-rated physicians in Alpharetta can assist you through your first gyno exam.

Read on to learn about the 10 reasons to see your gynecologist and put your mind at ease.

#1 General Gynecological Health
An annual wellness exam should be on every woman’s calendar. By starting in your teens, young women can get a baseline of their gynecological health. When it comes to health problems, early detection is often critical to successful treatment. Annual check-ups at your obgyn near me can reveal changes or issues of concern.

#2 Pelvic Exam
Having an annual pelvic exam, along with testing for sexually transmitted infection (STI), can help detect unusual growths or other changes. Women with issues such as abnormal discharge or perimenopause should be seen annually.

#3 Irregular Menstrual Cycle
An irregular period can be a symptom of a more significant health problem. Therefore, you must visit your women’s clinic near me to obtain a wellness exam. Let your provider know whether your cycle has become shorter or longer if bleeding is more substantial, cramping has become painful, or any other differences.

#4 Birth Control
If you’re sexually active and don’t want to become pregnant, a visit to your gynecologist should be on your list. During your appointment, you can learn about the various birth control options available, their effectiveness rates, and which may best fit with your lifestyle.

#5 Pap Smear
A Pap Smear test should be part of your annual wellness exam. This test is sent to a laboratory and examined for cancer or other abnormal indicators—some things simply can’t be diagnosed or detected through an internal exam alone.

#6 Breast Exam
Many may think an obgyn near me Alpharetta visit is only for vaginal concerns. However, your breast health is also a relevant concern. Along with your annual checkup, you’ll likely receive a breast exam to check for issues of concern such as lumps or tissue masses.

#7 Painful Intercourse
Painful sex may mean that something could be amiss—this intimate act shouldn’t cause physical discomfort. Whether the source of pain is physical or potentially psychological in nature, a women’s clinic near me Atlanta visit should be your starting point to discover answers.

#8 Changes in Vaginal Discharge
Any unusual discharge could be the sign of an infection. An internal exam can help discover the cause of the issue. Attempting to self-treat or ignoring it can compound the problem, visit an obgyn near me Alpharetta as soon as possible.

#9 Urinary Issues
If you experience any pain or see blood when you urinate, you should see your obgyn near me Alpharetta or whichever city your closest to. Blood in your urine or pain isn’t necessarily of medical concern, but it’s always important to find out for sure.

#10 Maternal Healthcare
Obtaining care from your obgyn near me Alpharetta is essential to maternal health. If you’re pregnant, make an appointment as soon as you know or suspect. Our gynecologist will monitor your entire pregnancy to be sure everything is on the right track and to address any concerns.

Discover The Best ObGyn Near Me Alpharetta

There are lots of reasons to see a gynecologist. Most importantly, your health and lifestyle can be enhanced by regular visits. At Roswell Ob/Gyn, we can help ensure you are living your best life. Make sure you are asking your gynecologist the right questions before your next appointment.

To learn more about our gynecologist services or to schedule an appointment, please call our main office at 770-751-3600. You can also use our online Request an Appointment form.

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