Real Beauty – the New Dove Commercial


by Rachel Burt, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner at Roswell OB/GYN…………………………………

I don’t get a chance to watch too much TV these days.  By the time we’ve had dinner, put the kids to bed and finished cleaning up the house, we are exhausted.  Half asleep, my husband and I might catch the opening monologue of John Stewart before we collapse into bed.  So, I’m not very up to date on pop culture topics.  But since multiple people have asked me about the new Dove Real Beauty commercial, rather than chance I would ever come across it on my own – I looked it up on You Tube.

Check out the commercial at real beauty sketches by Dove.  The central theme addresses the fact that only 4% of women believe they are beautiful.  Seven women were asked to describe their physical appearance to a forensic sketch artist.  They then spend time with a stranger.  That stranger is asked to describe the women to the sketch artist.  The artist creates 2 pictures – one based on the woman’s description of her appearance and one based on the stranger’s description.  In all of the scenarios, the sketch based on the stranger’s description was more beautiful, bright, and gentle than the sketch based upon the woman’s self description.

We all know the media portrays impossible body types that are unattainable for most women despite hours of exercise and dieting.  We know barbie is anatomically impossible.  Slowly we are starting to see more average size women on television, but we still have a ways to go.  Unfortunately, women of all ages measure ourselves and often our self worth by the way we perceive our physical appearance.  We can always see our dark circles, our extra layer of budge on our thighs and our wrinkles that might not even truly exist.  Critics state this ad is just a media campaign by Dove to sell a product.  I absolutely agree – but rather than spending their purchased air time talking soap – they see the value in addressing issues effecting their product users.  I am happy for Dove if it increases their bottom line and thankful if it continues to bring awareness.
Great job Dove!

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