During COVID-19, Your Pregnancy Questions Answered


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact daily life, there are many questions about what this outbreak means during your pregnancy. At Roswell OB/GYN, our staff has quickly adapted to continue to help our pregnant patients with our skilled high-risk OBGYN in Alpharetta.

Q: Is it safe to deliver at Roswell OB/GYN?

Yes. We have implemented many cautionary steps to minimize any COVID-19 exposure. Moreover, we also require everyone in our facility to follow updated CDC guidelines and wear masks. Plus, be smart and practice social distancing wherever you might be.

Q: I have heard that clinics are limiting visitors. Will I be allowed to bring a birth partner with me?

We are committed to helping our pregnant patients have the best labor and delivery possible, which includes having a birth partner in your room during labor. However, given the evolving pandemic and needs to protect our staff’s health, the individual who comes to support you must be free from symptoms of coronavirus infection and wear a face-covering during the entire visit.

Q: Are pregnant patients more susceptible to infection or at increased risk for severe illness with COVID-19?

In general, pregnant patients experience changes in their bodies that can increase their risk of severe infection, and should therefore take early action to avoid a high-risk pregnancy. Plus, pregnant women naturally have a suppressed immune system. But since COVID-19’s biggest target appears to be the elderly, it has not been especially bad for pregnant folks. That said, pregnant patients with underlying medical problems should be especially careful. Lastly, so far, there has been no known vertical transmission from the mother to the baby.

Q: I am pregnant and planning to travel. Should I cancel my trip?

Given the ongoing spread of COVID-19 worldwide, and because travel increases your chances of getting infected, avoiding travel is the best way to protect yourself and others from getting infected.

If you need to travel, be sure to discuss your plans with your provider and check the most up to date CDC guidelines. During your trip, protect yourself and others by practicing hand hygiene, wearing a face-covering in public, and maintaining six feet of distance from others.

Q: I am pregnant and have recently been invited to a social gathering. Should I decline all social settings?

Given the potential increased risk of mechanical ventilation and ICU admissions for pregnant women who become infected with COVID-19, it is essential to decrease your risk of exposure as much as possible. This includes wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, maintaining social distancing, and limiting contact with other individuals.

Gathering with others in an outdoor setting where physical distancing can be maintained is reasonable. However, it is important to discuss the risks of different social environments with your Roswell OB/GYN provider.

Q: I am pregnant and have a fever, cough, and headache. Could this be COVID-19?

Please call our OB/GYN office at 770-751-3600 to report your symptoms right away. Other signs to look out for include: runny nose/nasal congestion, sore throat, shortness of breath, muscle aches, and loss of smell or taste. If you are experiencing other similar symptoms please contact us and read more about things to expect during a high-risk pregnancy.

Q: What are some coping mechanisms to deal with stress while being pregnant?

Take advantage of the fall weather and go for a walk outside. Enjoy the fresh air in your neighborhood. You could also do pregnancy yoga exercises while at home. If exercise is not your thing, use your extra time to connect with family and friends online or enjoy a good book.

If you are experiencing more anxiety than usual, talk to your provider. Sometimes finding answers to your questions from a reliable source can alleviate confusion and fear.

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