Do I still need birth control in my 40s?


by Rachel Burt, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner at Roswell OB/GYN………………………………….

Although you may think you are too old to have babies, your body may not agree.  As an Alpharetta gynecology specialist, I often have women in their 40s tell me they do not need birth control because they are too old to have babies.   Their children are finally out of daycare, their lives are getting back to some sense of normalcy, the moms are getting sleep at night ( and they might even have enough energy to have sex again!).

Well, guess what? If you are still having periods, you can still get pregnant (flashback to not getting your period on sugar pills).  Average age of menopause is 51. Although the chances of conception go down as we age, it is still possible to get pregnant.  No one wants to be confronted with an unintended pregnancy.  We have many options available to women in their 40s.  Traditionally, many women stay on the birth control pill.  We are comfortable keeping healthy women on the birth control pill until age 51, assuring them they’re not pregnant even when they don’t get their period when on the pill. However, women confronted with other chronic medical problems that may prevent them from using estrogen might want to talk to their provider about a Mirena or Paragard IUD.  Please make an appointment to talk with us about the best option for you.

Please schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider to talk more about it. You can reach us at 770 751 3600.

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