Letrozole Helping Women with Ovulation Problems to Get Pregnant


Ovulation difficulties are one of the reasons for women failing to conceive. You can solve the challenge by taking Letrozole if a fertility specialist indicates you may have ovulating problems. Letrozole is a fertility medication that induces the development and release of an egg. Letrozole for fertility Atlanta, GA, induces ovulation if it is irregular or helps increase eggs production.

How Letrozole Works

OB/GYN specialists recommend letrozole for Alpharetta, GA, to develop more stimulation that pushes ovaries to ovulate when natural processes are working to ramp up the next cycle. The medication works by affecting the level of hormones.

You make the most from Letrozole by taking the oral tablets daily for five days. Start to take the pills between the second and fifth day of menstruation. You calculate the precise moment for medication by taking the first day of menstruation as Day 1 and end with Day 7.

The first dose is usually 2.5mg. An OB/GYN will monitor you to determine when you start ovulating to have intercourse during this time to increase the chances of egg fertilization. Although the doses begin at 2.5mg, your specialist might recommend adjusting it upwards as needed.

How Many Letrozole Cycles Trigger Pregnancy

The treatment varies depending on the woman. Some women conceive quicker than others and therefore your OB/GYN will create an individualized plan.

The number of cycles to boost ovulation and egg production is a patient’s decision. Some of the factors that affect the decision to continue or stop are the cost, side effects, and health insurance coverage.

Professionals have not agreed on the maximum cycles needed to take Letrozole before using another alternative therapy. According to a study on a group taking Letrozole, the average time to get pregnant was 90 days. That is about three cycles. Within that time, 28% of the women in the letrozole study gave birth.

Experienced reproduction specialists like Roswell Ob/Gyn recommend doses for 3-4 Cycles before recommending an alternative option.

Who Are the Candidates For Letrozole

Speak with your OB/GYN to see if you are a candidate for letrozole. If you are having difficulty getting pregnant for over a year, it is highly possible you could be eligible. Some of the clues about the possibility of ovulation challenges that require the use of letrozole are:

  • Irregular periods
  • Rare or absence of absence period
  • Regular periods, but the body has low progesterone levels

The decision on letrozole prescription should come after excluding medical issues by testing for:

  • Prolactin levels
  • Thyroid levels
  • Signs of pre and existing diabetes

It is also necessary to do an AMH (Anti-Müllerian Hormone) level test to determine the “egg reserve.” Letrozole does not improve the chances of getting pregnant when egg reserve is low. It is also crucial to know if a male partner has adequate sperm count before testing female tests or recommending letrozole for Alpharetta, GA, women.

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