Preterm Labor Signs


A normal pregnancy is expected to last roughly 40 weeks. The term preterm labor is used to describe women who go into labor before 37 weeks.

We often diagnose preterm labor when cervical dilation of >3 cm occurs with uterine contractions from 20+0 to 36+6 weeks. If you’re experiencing preterm labor signs, reach out to us. We offer experienced and qualified OB and GYN providers to ensure you receive the best possible care and treatment.

At Roswell OB/GYN, we want to ensure that both you and your baby are safe. As a result, we provide the most appropriate care and tests required to treat premature labor.

Signs Of Premature Labor

If you are experiencing intermittent pain or discomfort that goes away only once you’ve laid down, it’s most likely not preterm labor. If you experience one or more of the following, you might be experiencing premature labor symptoms:

  • Uterine contractions increasing in pain, intensity, or frequency for more than five or six hours
  • Cramps similar to your menstrual flow
  • Ache in your back below your waistline
  • Pelvic pressure feeling like your baby is pushing down
  • Increased, watery or mucousy vaginal discharge
  • Abdominal cramps without or with diarrhea

If you have a bloody discharge, call us immediately for medical attention.

Come in. Talk to us. If you have problems, we will focus our expertise and technology on solving them.

Diagnosing And Treating Preterm Labor

Your preterm labor treatment depends on the following:
  • Cause of your preterm labor
  • Medical issues with you or your baby
  • How far your pregnancy has progressed
Depending on the specific situation, we offer the following tests.
If we believe you may be in preterm labor, we will perform a pelvic exam. We recommend this exam only if your water has not broken and you have signs of premature labor. This test will help determine if your cervix has started opening.
Another test we offer to help provide you with the best care possible for your pregnancy needs is a uterine monitor tool. Our health care specialists use this tool to measure the duration and intervals of your contractions and the heart rate of your baby.
A transvaginal ultrasound is frequently used to measure the size of your cervix. This procedure helps us estimate your baby’s weight, determine their position, and check for problems such as issues potentially affecting your placenta and low amniotic fluid.
Depending on your specific preterm labor signs, your vaginal secretions may need to be examined. Doing so will help us determine if your water has already broke. We can also use a vaginal swab to help determine if you are close to preterm delivery. After the needed tests, we may write you a prescription to stop or slow down your preterm labor. Steroid shots are an option if you are not at least 34 weeks pregnant. These shots help accelerate the maturity of your baby’s lungs in the event of early birth. However, do keep in mind that sometimes preterm labor cannot be averted.

Risk Factors Of Preterm Labor

If you have one or more of the following, you might be at risk of preterm labor:

  • History of preterm delivery
  • Underweight with a poor diet
  • Smoking
  • Multiple gestations
  • Issues with either the cervix or uterus
  • Having surgery while pregnant
  • Using illegal drugs
  • An infection in a part of your body such as your kidneys or uterus

Inform your physician if you have any of the risk factors above so you can get the appropriate care to avoid preterm labor.

When To Call Your Doctor

If you experience any of the following, call your doctor immediately.

  • You experience more than six contractions, 10 minutes apart within one hour
  • Broken water or fluid leakage
  • Vaginal bleeding

Preterm Labor Specialists

At Roswell OB/GYN, we offer risk-free and affordable treatment plans in Alpharetta, GA. Our treatment analysis is cost-effective and customized for your specific needs to help ensure your preterm labor period is safe. We specialize in obstetrics and commit to providing women with preterm labor the care and treatment they need.

We place the health and well-being of our patients first. We work with the best high-risk pregnancy specialists in Alpharetta, GA, in the event you need a referral. We work hard to provide you and your baby with the best possible outcome.

Call us today if you are at high risk of preterm labor or believe you are experiencing preterm labor signs.

Warning Signs Of Premature Labor



  1. Uterine contractions (IF MORE THAN 5-6/HR), especially if worsening in frequency or intensity of pain.
  2. Menstrual-like cramps.
  3. Low dull backache felt below the waistline.
  4. Pelvic pressure feels like the baby is pushing down like labor.
  5. Abdominal cramping with or without diarrhea.
  6. Vaginal discharge may suddenly increase in amount, become mucousy or watery.
  7. Call right away for a bloody discharge for medical attention.

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