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Embark on your health journey with Roswell OB/GYN in Alpharetta, GA, where pioneering care meets empathy in the bustling heart of the Atlanta metro. Our OBGYN clinic, renowned for its unwavering commitment to women’s health, offers a sanctuary for personalized and advanced OB GYN services. With a team of OBGYN specialists celebrated for their expertise and compassionate approach, we ensure each visit is more than just healthcare—it’s a partnership in nurturing your well-being at every life phase.

About Alpharetta's Roswell Ob/Gyn, LLC

Nestled in the vibrant community of Alpharetta and extending our reach to Atlanta, Canton, and Cumming, Roswell OB/GYN is a group of specialists in obstetrics and gynecology who offer state-of-the-art expertise and technology in women’s healthcare. 

Our team of physicians and staff is deeply committed to delivering care that is not only informed and up-to-date but is also infused with a level of compassion that is second to none. Our mission is to care for women of all ages, races, and creeds, regardless of sexual orientation or socio-economic condition. We place immense value on the cultivation of long-term relationships with our patients, dedicating ourselves to being a constant, supportive presence throughout every stage of their health journey. Our promise to you is a partnership rooted in knowledgeable, empathetic care, where your well-being is our highest priority.

What Does a Gynecologist Do? A Comprehensive Overview

Our OB GYN Services

At Roswell OBGYN, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate OBGYN care for women at every stage of life. Our team of experienced OBGYN specialists and gynecologists is committed to supporting your health and well-being, offering a wide range of OBGYN care services tailored to meet your unique needs.


Our mammography services are an essential part of our commitment to women’s health, offering advanced breast imaging technology for early detection of breast cancer. Our state-of-the-art digital mammography system provides high-resolution images, allowing for more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Our compassionate radiologists and technicians are specially trained in breast imaging, ensuring a comfortable and respectful experience during your screening. We emphasize the importance of regular mammograms for women over 40 or those at increased risk of breast cancer, as early detection is key to successful treatment.

Gynecological Care

Our gynecological care encompasses a wide range of services designed to address the health needs of women from adolescence through menopause and beyond. We offer routine exams, Pap smears, HPV vaccinations, and screenings for sexually transmitted infections, ensuring comprehensive care for your reproductive health.

Our OBGYN specialists also provide family planning services, including contraceptives, fertility evaluations, menstrual management, and ectopic pregnancy treatment. We understand that each woman’s reproductive health is unique, and we work with you to create a personalized care plan tailored to your specific needs.

High-Risk OB GYN

Our high-risk OB GYN care services cater to expectant mothers facing complicated pregnancies due to medical, surgical, or obstetrical risk factors. Our multidisciplinary team, including OBGYN specialists, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, and neonatologists, offers advanced prenatal care, monitoring, and interventions to manage risks and promote healthy outcomes for both mother and baby.

We utilize the latest technologies and evidence-based practices to address conditions such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and preterm labor, providing you and your baby with the highest level of care during this critical time.

Low-Risk Pregnancy

For expectant mothers experiencing low-risk pregnancies, we provide a nurturing and supportive environment to monitor and celebrate their journey to motherhood. Our low-risk pregnancy services focus on promoting healthy lifestyles, providing comprehensive prenatal care, and preparing you for a positive birth experience.

Regular check-ups, nutritional counseling, and education on childbirth and infant care are integral parts of our care plan, ensuring you feel confident and supported every step of the way.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Our pelvic floor rehabilitation program is designed to address the unique needs of women experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction, which can result from childbirth, surgery, aging, or other conditions.

Our specialized physical therapists provide personalized treatment plans, including exercises, biofeedback, and education, to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, relieve symptoms, and improve quality of life. We offer a compassionate and discreet environment for treatment, helping you achieve optimal pelvic health and regain confidence in your daily activities.

Childbirth Classes

Our childbirth classes are designed to prepare expectant parents for the birthing process, providing comprehensive education on labor, delivery, and postpartum care. Led by experienced childbirth educators, our classes offer a supportive setting to learn about pain management techniques, breastfeeding, newborn care, and more.

We encourage the participation of both partners to foster a team approach to childbirth, empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to welcome your new baby into the world.

Why Choose Our OBGYN Clinic?

At our OBGYN clinic in Alpharetta, part of the greater Atlanta area, we understand the importance of providing exceptional OBGYN care and support to women throughout their lives.  Here are just a few reasons why choosing our clinic for your OB GYN needs is a decision you can feel confident about.

Personalized Care in the Heart of Alpharetta

Our OBGYN clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Alpharetta, making it easily accessible for women in the surrounding communities. We are proud to serve as a trusted and compassionate partner for our patients, providing personalized care plans tailored to their specific needs and promoting overall wellness. Our team of OBGYN specialists takes the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and develop a care plan that aligns with your health goals.

State-of-the-Art Technology and Expertise

Leveraging the latest advancements in medical technology, our Alpharetta OBGYN clinic provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment options. From advanced imaging for accurate diagnoses to minimally invasive surgical techniques that reduce recovery time, our commitment to integrating the latest technology ensures you receive the highest standard of OBGYN care.

Our team of OBGYN specialists brings a wealth of expertise and experience, staying at the forefront of medical research to bring you the most effective treatments available.

Comprehensive Services for the Atlanta Community

We offer a full spectrum of obstetric and gynecological services to meet the needs of women at every stage of life, from adolescent health to menopause management and beyond. Whether you’re seeking routine care, specialized services for high-risk pregnancies, or innovative treatments for gynecological conditions, our OBGYN clinic is equipped to provide comprehensive care.

Our connection to the broader Atlanta healthcare community enables us to coordinate seamlessly with specialists across disciplines, ensuring that you have access to the best possible care no matter your needs

Our Approach to Women's Health

At our OBGYN clinic, we stand at the forefront of women’s health care through an unwavering dedication to medical excellence and cutting-edge technology. Our approach is deeply rooted in a mastery of the field, ensuring that each patient benefits from the most advanced treatments and diagnostic tools available today. With a team of experts leading the way, we focus on a personalized and holistic journey for every woman, integrating state-of-the-art medical technology with our extensive expertise. 

It is with pleasure that we welcome you to our practice please enjoy a short tour of our office.

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